An autobiographical stream of consciousness 


‘I'm so scared. I've never known fear like this. I’m so sick of being this melodramatic jabbering fool. I use to be interesting/kind/normal’


Thrash is an aural experience designed to put the listener in the mind of someone desperately trying to cling to reality as it irrevocably collapses underneath her and questions this fragile concept of ‘normality’ that we are all conditioned to agree on.

Thrash’s unconventional narrative mixed with performance poetry, explores the effect of trauma and grief and ultimately finding healing and acceptance.


Thrash is created as a digital, socially distanced individual experience for audience members. It is adaptable to any kind of space. It is envisaged as a part of a wider programme or as part of the package with other RoguePlay shows we have such as ‘Sleepless’, ‘3am Waitress’ with its complimentary themes of female wellbeing and solidarity through adversity. Thrash is also available as an online aural experience.


Post Show discussion/Q&A: Live and/or online



Directors:: Lorna Meehan & Kim Charnock


Sound Editor: Zak Marsh

Writer: Lorna Meehan

Cast: Jenny Stokes

         Lindsey Davis

         Lorna Meehan

         Kim Charnock

         Zak Marsh

         Charlie Jordan

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West Midlands Circus & Creation Centre, Unit 8, Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RT

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