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RoguePlay is a highly physical theatre company, creating narrative theatre using aerial and ground based circus, dance, physical theatre and poetry. Producing work both indoor and out, RoguePlay develop touring productions, commissioned pieces, and small to medium scale resident shows.


RoguePlay manage Birmingham's dedicated Circus Space; West Midlands Circus & Creation Centre as well as produce the renowned Aerial Festival, TILT

The Company have an impressive history of national touring shows and commissions, working with companies such as Nofit State, Panasonic, Gravity & Levity and Channel 4. 

With accessibility, inclusivity and a passion for circus & physical theatre at it's heart, RoguePlay are always interested in establishing new relationships with programmers, producers, community and organisations. 



In 2009, Kim Charnock established RoguePlay with Co-Creative Director, Lorna Meehan, and together they have developed the company from a small two hander into a thriving touring company, adding a number of respected artists and artistic collaborations to their repertoire. 

Kim has a strong background in aerial and physical theatre and Lorna is an acclaimed Performance Poet. The two have worked for ten years to build and develop RoguePlay, delivering their combined creative vision, combining poetic narrative with the circus arts in their trademark highly physical theatre style. 

What are they interested in? Women, strength, telling important stories, giving language and shape to the unexplainable. They work with both existing classic and original texts to talk about things that are sometimes difficult. 

RoguePlay grew out of a previous Company named Kiss My Face Theatre. Kim and Lorna decided that name didn't really cut it for them so after a few painful hours of throwing very quickly dismissed ideas around, as well as trawling through the thesaurus, they decided the two words 'Rogue' and 'Play' best express their vision and work. 'RoguePlay communicates our urge to tell truthful stories about difficult subjects, stir up conventional ways of watching and captivate an audience in visceral performance.'

The Rogues spend much of their time in the studio training, writing and devising what they call; Highly Physical Theatre. Sometimes that means they are hanging from a trapeze, or silk, sometimes it means they are balancing, lifting or throwing one another, and sometimes it means they are trying to do a number of those things whilst speaking a monologue, singing a song or playing the accordion. But what it always means is that they are playing with ideas, experimenting with the marriage of Circus and Theatre, creating stories and challenging performers.


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West Midlands Circus & Creation Centre, Unit 8, Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RT

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