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Survival. This is the real war, when the vile spectacle out there is done with’


In the desolate aftermath of ten year war, four women await their fate. One has nothing left to cling to but pride. One is resolved and beyond tears. One is delirious with visions of a future that no one believes. One is determined not to take the blame for the whole bloody business. All four are at the mercy of strangers who see them as nothing more than the spoils of victory. 

Filmed as a series of episodic monologues, ‘Once We Were Queens’ is an intimate drama of divided loyalties, dashed hopes and the fragile things we cling to when everything else has been stolen away. 


The maid, the mother, the seductress, and the crone are waiting for judgment, revenge, death and whatever else fate has in store. They may have been captured, but they will not be conquered.


This piece has been filmed specifically for digital viewing and enhanced with intimate aural elements. It can be viewed in-venue or online and is suitable for socially engaged discussions around the survivors of domestic violence, as well as the topic of female refugees and asylum seekers.


Once We Were Queens (Women of Troy) is a part of a RoguePlay’s new venture into feminist takes on timeless classic Greek myths, such as the legend of Ariadne, Theseus and Dionysus. 


Podcast series: Women In War (includes verbatim stories from female refugees & asylum seekers living in the UK) and female sexuality

Post Show discussion/Q&A: Live and/or online

Taking Flight: Events


Directors:: Lorna Meehan & Kim Charnock


Film Maker: Philip Pugh

Written: Lorna Meehan

Cast: Jenny Stokes

         Lindsey Davis

         Lorna Meehan

         Kim Charnock

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