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Live installation

Ten dome tents, three live performances and some difficult choices to be made. Spend forty intimate moments and seek to discover where your principles lie and what your fundamentals of life and law really are.

It was an enjoyable experience and an innovative way of engaging with the 10 commandments. 

Rev. David Barber, New Life Baptist Church

A couple of strands of thought took me into territory I’ve not explored before and have stayed with me, which is a great thing for a show to be able to claim credit for. 

James Yarker, Stan’s Café

I have left learning things about my life. Ultima Censura is an experience not to be missed.

Becki Head, Audience member

Ultima Censura is a live installation allowing each audience member exactly four minutes inside ten individual tents, which in turn represent the Ten Commandments. Each of them immerses the audience member into a small, intimate and reflective world, placing them always in a position of choice. And in true RoguePlay style the performance is highly physical, incorporating acrobatics and aerial circus.

Audience members will visit the Tree Of Life in the 'You Shall Have No Other Gods' tent, be intimately questionned whilst watching another secretly in the 'Do Not Bear False Witness' tent, have a chance to put their feet up, have a jam tart and tell us their worries whilst Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy, and the ‘Honour Your Mother and Father’ tent allows them to write a personal note or take a bunch of flowers for a loved one.

Ultima Censura is a private and personal theatrical performance drawing on all the senses and encapsulating some stunning aerial happening above you. The piece questions the nature of judgment and the notion of being watched, both on a human and a divine level, forcing the audience member to consider their concepts of right and wrong.

Ultima Censura is suitable for small to medium sized touring venues, site specific locations and gallery spaces, with a running time of 55 mins. 

For booking, technical information and press enquiries please contact us.

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Directors Kim Charnock

                  Lorna Meehan

Performers Anna Simpson

                     Aaron Twitchen

                     Lorna Meehan

                     Kim Charnock

Marketing Jo Gleave

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