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A summer of Circus for young people


Summer Schools: Headliner

22ND - 26TH JULY 2019

£200  (TILT Youth week only)
£275 (with circus summer school)

TILT Festival is a week long circus festival and this year we have an amazing youth programme! With world renown teachers and a range of fantastic circus disciplines, TILT youth is great for all those young budding circus performers. 

Check for more details. 

We have TWO amazing weeks for you this year, and you can either do both or just one!

Circus summer school birmingham

5TH - 9TH AUGUST 2019

£105 (Summer School week)
£275 (with TILT Youth Programme)

Run by local circus artists, the week introduces young people to a range of aerial and ground based circus skills including aerial silks, static trapeze, aerial hoop, acrobalance and acrobatics.

The first day allows everyone to try each piece of kit and have a go at all the different disciplines. They will then be asked to choose one aerial piece in particular. They then work for the next three days on that piece of equipment as well as in acrobalance, acrobatics and where circus theatre pieces are involved, physical theatre.


The week culminates with a sharing for friends and family, celebrating the achievements of the young people over the week. They all receive a certificate of participation and parents are invited to take photos.


No previous experience necessary

'My daughter loved the whole week and I was amazed by how much they had all learnt in one week.' (Martina; Summer School Parent)

We have TWO amazing weeks for you this year, and you can either do both or just one! TILT Festival gives people a professional platform from world renown teachers into circus with a huge programme to choose from. The summer school week ensures RoguePlay work with experienced local artists to get a taste of a variety of disciplines. Throughout both weeks young people will work in a safe environment to not only develop aerial skills but also improve confidence, flexibility, strength and creativity, whilst allowing creativity in the air!

Circus Summer school birmingham
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