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Indoor adaptation

'Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.

Director Kim Charnock unleashed a powerful modern abridged version of Shakespeare's morality tale in this striking promenade production.

Behind The Arras

Few theatrical experiences begin with a prostitute grabbing you by the arm and offering you ‘whatever you want for a fiver...and Chlamydia for free’, but this was far from ordinary. There were excellent performances throughout. [...] A fresh, innovative theatrical experience.

Matthew  Williamson, Red Brick

I thought it was brilliant! I loved the idea of the audience being so closely involved in the action.

Carol Salt, Audience member

For the stoic Isabella to save her brother Claudio, she must please false Angelo, by turning her back on everything she believes in and condemning herself to hell, unless there is a way to turn his corruption against him...


For the first time in recent years, the entirety of Birmingham’s Custard Factory complex in 2010 was used for performance, as we gave Shakespeare's enduring tale of loyalty versus hypocrisy a modern twist in this physical promenade adaption. The audience were led by the seemingly honourable and the shamelessly damned to witness the consequences of corruption and how, some rise by sin, others, by virtue fall.

A visceral performance, this production immersed the audience for sixty minutes in an all too recognisable world where the lines between private and personal politics are blurred. An interdisciplinary piece, the performance fused physical theatre with strong visual imagery and of course, much of the original text.

Following it's sell out performances at Birmingham's Custard Factory complex, Measure For Measure went to the Henley Fringe Festival in 2010 as the highlight of the Fringe. It had 9 performances over 3 days, and great audiences.

It will really bring Fringe to the Fringe.

Jo Southwell, Festival Organiser, for The Stage

Measure For Measure: Project
Measure For Measure: Gallery


Director Kim Charnock


Cast Lorna Meehan

         Graham Brookes

         Alex Nikitas

         David Ault

         Danny Hoxton

         Gary Longden

         Jenny Stokes

         Wendy Jeffries

         Becky Neale

         Neetu Sanghera

         Miriam Edwards

         Louise Stokes

         Tom Mcarron

         Radley Russell

         Jeremy Williams

         Alan Wales

         Stuart Horobin

         Cat McDonald

         Aaron Twitchen

         Becky Salt

Stage Management

          Lydia Martin

          Rachel Marshall

Marketing Lydia Martin

Photography Richard Davenport

Measure For Measure: Text
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