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Madame Midnight


Bespoke indoor

'Be sure to keep your wits about you,

Should the ground beneath your feet start to shake,

Or fade away,

We've put magic in the air,

But it only lasts for a day.'

Based on the Night Circus, Madame Midnight's Circus Eccentric plunges you into the weird and mystical world of the traditional circus tent. 

Our circus troupe demonstrate stunning aerial and ground based skill, whilst always building, climbing and heading towards what appears to be an unachievable exit route.

'If you believe your eyes it’s not up to me,

But there’s magic at play here,

You’ll see, you’ll see.'

Come with us if you dare. 

If you are interested in a performance of this show please contact us for more info. 

Madame Midnight: Project
Circus Tent
Circus Elephant
Hoops at the Circus
Madame Midnight: Portfolio


Directors: Kim Charnock & Sarah Hattee

Writers: Lorna Meehan & Kim Charnock

Performers: Cat Gavrashova

                    Peter Kirkby

                    Paul Standing

                    Duncan Morriss

                    Niamh Smyth

                    Anna Fooks

                    Lorna Meehan

                    Charlie Cameron

Photos: Richard Battye

Madame Midnight: Text
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