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Indoor physical theatre

Two's company, three's a battleground.

'Totally mental and thoroughly enjoyable'

(Audience Member)

A highly physical piece of theatre, Finders/Keepers was RoguePlay's first production and it was a fast-paced comic exploration of power and manipulation. On a chaotic stage, the three main characters, stuck in their self destructive cycles somewhere between reality and absurdity, become catalysts for exploring the nature of possession, manipulation and whether getting what you want is ever enough.

'I make everything nice for you even though you never thank me. I know what you want before you even think to ask for it. I compliment you when you don’t deserve it. I clean up all your mess which I’m sure you make on purpose. I fake all my orgasms just to make you feel you’ve achieved something.'

Kate and Colin are in a state of comfortably numb. Kate puts all her energy into getting a reaction out of Colin, but this only serves to make him even more unresponsive. Something has to change. Enter Julia, Colin's old flame and the bane of Kate's school days, to stir up trouble and push both of them much further than they want to go.

Inspired by the play 'Owners' by Caryl Churchill, these 3 people play dirty just to 'own' as much they can. The words that are spoken, the space other characters standing and all onstage props are intricately labelled by name by an anonymous fourth character who barely speaks a word throughout and cannot be seen by the others.

In 2009 the audience joined these three in the Custard Factory Theatre for an evening of mind games and witnessed who would be bought, who would be sold, who would come out on top and who would be left with nothing.

After all, two's company, three's a battleground.

Finders/Keepers: Project
Finders/Keepers: Gallery


Director Kim Charnock


Cast Lorna Meehan

         Michael Wagg

         Claire Corfield

         Stuart Horobin

Photography Richard Davenport

Finders/Keepers: Text
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