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Mondays @ 6.30pm



Led by Kim Charnock, a prolific rope performer and artist, these classes are aimed at beginners, improvers and intermediate students who are keen to develop their skills, strength, flexibility and confidence in an aerial art form.

French for "smooth rope", corde lisse, also known as aerial rope, is a vertical aerial circus art that offers a wealth of opportunities. Perhaps most famous for its dynamic qualities, this puristic art form features acrobatic swings, climbs, drops and strength-⁠⁠based moves.

Experience the joy of climbing ropes with us in our exciting new classes which include a warm-⁠⁠up, conditioning and technique coaching, climbs, wraps and drops in a safe and friendly environment.

Classes are for adults and young people aged 14+.

Once you have completed two classes you can also attend Open Space practice sessions.

What to wear: Tight fitting clothing that covers the backs of knees as well as a top that covers armpits. Leggings are perfect for the ladies and jogging bottoms for the gents.

No zips or jewellery please.

Please book onto your class now or contact us if you have any more questions.

Corde Lisse Rope: Arts Education
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