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Sundays, 1pm

£8 / £14 with Sunday silks

This all-⁠⁠level class is for aspiring circus artists, dancers, athletes and anyone who wants to improve their flexibility.

Including both solo and partner stretching, this 1.5-⁠⁠hour class covers both passive and active stretches for front splits and backbends. Teaching safe stretching technique direct from some of the world's leading
flexibility coaches, students will warm up front splits first,then move into backbends and tricks such as standing splits, elbow stands and chest stands for those ready.

What to wear: Clothes that do not inhibit your movement and allow you to stretch easily whilst keeping you warm. All this stretching and conditioning is thirsty work and it's important to keep the muscles hydrated so make sure you bring some water.

Please book onto your class now or contact us if you have any more questions.

Classic Flex: Product
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