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A physical memoir to a lover long lost

She lives by the ocean with the breeze constantly blowing in through the window. There's a whisper. The whisper of someone past. Yet presence is strong in absence. She's lost someone and slowly she is losing herself. 

Boots is a 12 minute piece of aerial theatre, played out on a lonely static trapeze by a performer wearing a pair of old walking boots.  The piece is a physical memoir to a lover long lost who went out to sea and never came back. The woman strives to write the book she has been so longing to write, but with no answers or conclusion, she is simply stuck amoungst a heap of shredded paper and discarded words. 

Boots was born from a visual image of a young girl skipping in reams of paper, sending it spiralling up before floating to land like fallen leaves. The image inspired the idea of discarded words and the reasons why those words have been thrown away, or deemed unfit. The piece has been in development since June 2015 where it began as a simple trapeze solo performed on a window ledge. Through the devising process it developed into a piece of aerial theatre where the images of falling paper and useless words were combined with the trapeze routine. The piece follows a lonely and isolated woman trying to write a book, whilst dealing with the frustration and lack of closure that losing someone unexpectedly brings. 

The piece explores the isolation of dealing with lack of closure and understanding, and whether we stop or continue to struggle and fight. The woman finally finds the words she needs, but it is only through dealing with the pain that this can be found. 

For tech requirements and further booking information please contact us. 

Boots: Upcoming Productions


Performer & Creator: Kim Charnock

Co- Director: Lorna Meehan

Photos: Richard Battye & Richard Davenport

Video: Jeff Grant & River Studio

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