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Blood Wedding: Welcome


Indoor adaptation

The strength and poise of each individual performer is phenomenal.

(Bristol 247)


Some really neat physical comedy and gorgeous choreography throughout.

(Adrian Berry, Jacksons Lane Theatre)


Thank you for one of the best pieces of theatre I have ever experienced in over 40 years of theatre-going.

(Keith  Cordell, Audience Member)


I came, I saw & I was conquered by the sheer beauty of movement from all five performers, fully trained to express deepest feelings & symbolism through their agile bodies & giving a highly commendable physical interpretation of one of my favourite stage-dramas.

(Remote Goat)

Blood Wedding was written by celebrated Spanish dramatist Federico Lorca in 1932.  A tragedy in three acts, Lorca’s Blood Wedding, pivots around the uneasy marriage of two villagers, against a violent backdrop of betrayal, family feuding and death. Combining the text with Physical Theatre, Aerial Circus and Acrobatics, against a powerful Spanish soundtrack,  RoguePlay deliver their version of Lorca's classic tale of passion, morality and vengeance.

RoguePlay take the audience through this passionate tale, where the supernatural meets the natural through stunning aerial work, where battles are fought through Capoeira and where love and loss go hand in hand with poetry and Spanish guitar. The audience follows the silent, fierce energy of Leonardo, the maternal instinct of the Mother that sours into obsession and flares into violence, the wild passion of the rebellious bride, the blood thirsty Moon and the perverse sensuality of Death, in a tragic story where it seems the whole impulse of the universe is hostile to human fulfillment.

​Two and a half years in the making, the show was finally on the road! Tickets sold fast and we had some great shows and audiences at the venues below.

MAC Birmingham: Wed 8th Oct 2014

Jacksons Lane, London: Tues 14th & Wed 15th Oct 2014

Theatre Severn, Shropshire: Wed 22nd Oct 2014

Circomedia, Bristol: Thurs 30th Oct 2014

Redbridge Drama Centre, London: Tues 11th & Wed 12th Nov 2014

Cast In Doncaster: Fri 14th Nov 2014

The Castle, Northampton: Tues 18th Nov 2014

The Maltings, Berwick-Upon-Tweed: Thurs 20th Nov 2014

Blood Wedding is also an A2 set text with the AQA examining board.

Blood Wedding is suitable for small to medium sized touring venues with a running time of 1hr 15mins.

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Directors: Kim Charnock

                Lorna Meehan

Cast: Anna Simpson

         Israel Costa

         Aaron Twitchen

         Lorna Meehan

         Kim Charnock

Lighting Design: Bridge Williams

Lighting & Sound Engineer: Liam Walsh

Photography: Kris Gill

Blood Wedding: Text
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