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Specific training to help your conquer your nemesis. These hour long sessions are specifically designed to target areas of difficulty for the aerialist.

If you are struggling with a particular move, series of movements or specific technique including flexibility restrictions, then this session will help to identify the root of the problem, analyse the reasons it is happening and apply specific corrections to help you move forward.

Sessions are one-to-one and suitable for improvers up to those of an advanced level.

The outline of the session is as follows;
Warm up and discussion of particular problem areas
Analysis of technique, flexibililty and strength
Video comparison and analysis through slow motion, rotation and line finding
Identification and application of body positioning and injury prevention
Identification of specific strength and flexibility exercises
Diary keeping for those booking follow-on sessions

The sessions can be undertaken on aerial silks, static trapeze and hoop as well as for handstands and problematic areas of stretch technique.

Sessions cost £30 and can be booked online here
We may also have additional sessions not available for online booking so please contact us if times online do not suit.


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