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Bespoke commission

Three person trapeze, hula hooping.......what are all the the things you can do whilst reading?

Originally developed for the opening of Birmingham's New Library in September 2013, ‘All Things Whilst Reading’ is based on a simple visual narrative following the adventurous exploits of a group of whimsical friends as they each try to take possession of a book they want to read.

The piece is comprised of four short sections that flow from one to the other to make a complete piece of 25 minutes in length. It is fast paced, family friendly, comical and involves some impressive trapeze solos and trios, acrobalance, dance and hula hooping skills. The first section is an acrobatic sequence making use of duet and trio acrobalance and supported lifts, throws and sportsacro sequences; all involving the passing, snatching and throwing of the book alongside the passing, snatching and throwing of the performers. The second section leads smoothly on from the first and is more of a celebration of books through a highly physical contemporary dance sequence that sees books being thrown and ‘juggled’ as the number of books grows and the performers dance with them. This develops neatly into the third hula hoop section, seeing performers engaging in isolated book reading whilst performing hula hoop tricks both individually and between performers before finally going up in the air for solo performances on the trapeze followed by a trapeze trio, all with book in hand.

The piece is also accompanied by a fun gypsy circus style soundtrack throughout. ‘All Things Whilst Reading’ is both an impressive feat of ground based circus spectacle and an accessible and entertaining narrative played out through competitive book-loving friends.

The piece has been performed both indoor and out and is a medium scale piece of Circus Theatre appropriate for family audiences.

All Things Whilst Reading: Project
All Things Whilst Reading: Gallery


Directors     Kim Charnock

                    Lorna Meehan

Performers  Kim Charnock

                    Israel Costa

                    Anna Simpson

Marketing    Jo Gleave

All Things Whilst Reading: Text
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