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Mondays @ 6.30pm
Tuesdays @ 6.30pm (part of Mixed Aerial)


The most romantic of the aerial arts, silks classes will develop skills, strength and flexibility. RoguePlay teachers are professional silks aerialists with exceptional experience in performance and teaching. Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional performer, RoguePlay has something for all levels.

These classes are aimed at complete beginners and improvers, as well as intermediate students. Students are split by ability. 

Beginners & Improvers

Those who are keen embark on a new skill that is both fun and exciting to learn, as well as helping to gain personal confidence, lose weight and discover muscles you never knew you had! Don't worry if you are nervous about heights, we start you off close to the ground and you can go up as high as you feel comfortable as you progress.

Improvers & Intermediates

These classes are for higher level participants and focus on more complicated transitions, linking moves together, finding shape and style and the development of routines.

WHAT TO WEAR: Tight fitting clothing that covers the backs of knees as well as a top that covers armpits. Leggings are perfect for the ladies and jogging bottoms for the gents.

No zips or jewellery please.

Please book onto your class now or contact us if you have any more questions.

Aerial Silks: Arts Education
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