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An award winning courageously energetic piece of dance theatre, tackling depression, isolation and celebrating unexpected joy. This piece is both a stage piece AND a full length dance film. 

‘Her shift started at the end of the world’


It’s 3a.m. in a cafe on the last road to nowhere. In this café is a waitress. She has no name, past or future and only the radio to drown out the silence.

This 60 minute high energy dance theatre piece received a 5 star review and sell out audiences at Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and has recently been made into a stunning award winning feature film with original music.


Incorporating performance poetry, physical theatre and aerial silk, ‘3 a.m. Waitress’ is a haunting road movie soundtrack to loneliness, detachment and the brief moments that bring us back to life. The waitress is at breaking point, things must change or she will self destruct. We are never sure if what we are seeing is real, or a scene from a movie, whether it's the beginning of a story or the end. We only know that she seems to be stuck in the same place at the same time and if she stops, the world may stop too. A stranger enters…

Whether he’s a ghost, a memory or a fantasy, he opens up a new possibilities and something changes.


This piece explores the damage done by solitude, the tenderness of unexpected connections and the ultimate peace that comes when we accept the world as it is.


The set for 3a.m. Waitress is a classic American diner that becomes littered with sugar and rain as the outside creeps in and the moon pays a visit. 


‘The 3am waitress listening to the world end, one song at a time’

Think Elliot Smith, think long Texan roads that stretch as far as the eye can see, think wind in your hair, sun beating down on your face, think rain, lots of rain.


Set to an eclectic soundtrack combined with an original piece of poetry, the 3a.m. Waitress is listening to the world end, one song at a time.

The piece tour ready, runs for 60 minutes and involves two performers.


Please contact us for a Producers Pack and booking. 

The finale, featuring a striking aerial silk performance and a single word uttered by the 3am Waitress, leaves me in a charged state of vitality and reverie. I will be thinking about the meaning of that word for some time.

(Joanne Harrison; SG Fringe)

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The distinctive creative tension that shapes Rogueplay's artistic focus,

courageously tackles difficult and highly personal themes in 3am Waitress.

(Orit Azaz; Independent Producer)

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A truly touching performance, finding hope in the most desolate of times and places.’


(Audience Member)

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3am Waitress
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3am Waitress
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3am Waitress
3am Waitress
3am Waitress
3am Waitress
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3am Waitress
3am Waitress: Portfolio


Director: Kim Charnock


Spoken Word Artist

& Co-Director: Lorna Meehan


Performers 2017: Anna Fooks

                             Tim Clarke

Performers 2018: Laura Vanhulle

                             Tim Clarke

Performer 2021: Laura Vanhulle

                           Oliver Robert-Russell

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