“Here’s all the lies and confusion I never asked for.  You can have it back and stick it where it hurts because I am so done”


One woman’s candid, hilarious and heart wrenching journey to fix her dysfunctional vagina, and ditch shame. Incorporating verbatim stories, poetry, and a little Vagi-oke.


Unpacking the big deal with virginity and how the myths about sex that we take as truth can seriously hinder our general wellbeing, NO ENTRY! explores that place we all came from and don’t like to talk about and why it may mysteriously close for business.


Lorna and her collaborators have a condition called Vaginismus and despite it being very common, it’s rarely talked about because of lack of understanding and shame. Well stuff that!


Actively challenging social conditioning and distorted perceptions about being single, this show is all about breaking silence and opening up, so buckle up, we’re going in deep.


NO ENTRY and MOTHER TREE can come as a double bill of two one hour autobiographical solo shows about issues around female well being. 


Post Show discussion/Q&A: Live and/or online

We have links with professional organisations such as The Vaginimus Network, School of Sexuality Education, Vaginismus Podcast 'V and Me' and Sh! Emporium who champion Vaginismus Awareness Day. 

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Lorna is not only a great writer, but a brilliant and engaging performer. 


GIOVANNI 'SPOZ' ESPOSITO Birmingham Poet Laureate 2006

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Next Performance:

10th and 11th March, 

The Old Joint Stock, 8pm



Director: Kim Charnock


Cast: Lorna Meehan

Stage Manager & Sound Operator: Zak Marsh


Photos: Zak Marsh